The Reading Room building (£79,820 estimated cost of rebuilding only)

Front Street, Naburn Brick built Bus Shelter (£4,200)

Deighton Grove wooden Bus Shelter (£2,969)

War Memorial – Naburn Church Yard (£1,850)

BT Telephone Kiosk (£2,562)

Play Equipment – situated behind Naburn village hall – items of equipment installed September 2009 (£92,012)

Fencing surrounding the Playing field, sign and benches (£2,504 )

Flag Pole – centre of Naburn village green (£725)

3 litter bins (£757) (supplied by CoYC)

2 Village Notice Boards (£1,710)

2 Village signs – situated at the north and south of the villager (£4,780)

Concrete planter on top of village pump foundation, Front Street (£721)

Laptop, scanner, mouse (£786) 

Tables, Chairs, fixtures and fittings - Reading Room (£2,662)

Salt Bins (4) (£1,400)

Defibrillator (£2,210) 

Reading Room and Post Office


Flagpole on the Green
Playing Field
Information kioskBus shelter